1. What to Expect

What To Expect at Mindful TMS Therapy in Chicago

The Seamless Experience at Mindful TMS in Chicago

Our goal is to provide a Seamless Experience for you, your family, and friends. This means that we are responsible for all of the administrative work and clinical treatment so that you solely focus on achieving wellness.

Complimentary Insurance Concierge Service

The Seamless Experience begins by providing you with complete health insurance benefits and verification status. Our insurance promise is to provide 24-hour turnaround to verify benefits and to provide specific financial responsibilities required by your health insurer. Our teams at each Chicago location will work directly with your health insurer and complete all necessary paperwork.

Clinical Consultation Guidance

We will also work directly with you to prepare for your clinical consultation with our doctor. This typically requires an understanding of your previous and current mental health history and a list of your current medications.

Scheduling Your TMS Treatment Program

Once the doctors have completed that consultation, and we have received confirmation from your insurance company, we will schedule TMS treatments at the Mindful TMS location in Chicago that's most convenient for you. Our team will answer any questions you may have and coordinate with your schedule to begin treatment. During the course of treatment, our team will monitor your progress on a daily and weekly basis. We can make adjustments as needed with the goal of helping you achieve remission quickly.

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