1. The Mindful TMS Approach

We believe each patient has a unique life experience that brings them to consider TMS as an option for their health. We know how challenging it is to struggle with a mental health concern each day, and how difficult it may be to make a choice regarding your care.

Our goal is to meet each patient where they are through our patented Mindful Approach.

The Three Elements to the Mindful Approach

A Seamless Experience

Treatments are administered by licensed mental health professionals and certified TMS Therapists.

Our goal is to remove as much of the administrative headaches for you and your family, so you can focus on getting well.

Neuronavigation Targeted TMS

At Mindful TMS, we uniquely combine TMS treatments with state-of-the-art neuronavigation technology to achieve highly-targeted stimulation and yield more accurate results.

Neuronavigation Targeted TMS technology allows us to use MRIs to visualize the brain and administer more precise treatment. Overall benefits include:

  • Greater precision, yielding better results
  • Minimal to no side effects
  • Enhanced patient comfort

Personalized Care Program

The Personalized Care Program combines the science of TMS with the patient’s entire care team to help the patient achieve wellness sooner and strengthen their long-term remission of symptoms.

Our clinical team will work with you, family, friends, and providers to develop a complete treatment plan to help you achieve remission.