1. Personalized Care Program

The Personalized Care Program combines the science of TMS with the patient’s entire care team to help the patient achieve wellness sooner and strengthen their long-term remission of symptoms.

Personalized Care Enhances TMS Therapy

We believe TMS should not be done in isolation. We know that TMS causes positive physiological changes in the brain. The appropriate, targeted brain activity increases, communication between neurons grow, and brain chemistry normalizes.

The Personalized Care Program enhances these positive changes by having licensed mental health professionals and certified TMS Therapists provide treatment. These licensed professionals ensure a patient-centric wellness program throughout the course of treatment. They are uniquely trained to monitor progress and engage in interaction with the patient during treatment to enhance results. Additionally, they coordinate communication between the patient’s family and all other healthcare providers to create a holistic and thorough network of care.

Mindful TMS Personalized Care Program Network