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TMS Technology in the World

Over 1 million people have chosen to use TMS to relieve their symptoms. TMS is a safe, effective, and non-invasive alternative to medication for treating MDD and OCD. The FDA approved TMS for the treatment of MDD in 2008 and OCD in 2018. TMS is also endorsed by The American Psychiatric Association (APA) through their care guidelines for those who have not been adequately treated by an initial course of antidepressant medication.

Benefit of Neuro star TMS

TMS Remission Rates


TMS Treatment Sessions

Throughout the duration of the treatment, patients remain awake and alert. They are cared for and monitored by a certified TMS Therapist. Each treatment is approximately 20 minutes long, and the total number of treatments varies by individual. The average course of TMS treatments is roughly 5 times per week for 5 to 6 weeks.

TMS Success Stories

Approximately half of all treated patients improve their depression score by 50% or more and approximately 35% of all treated patients report scores that indicate they are depression free!* 49% of OCD patients reported an improved clinical state after 10 weeks.

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