Meet The Team

  • Mani Rao, MBA

    Position: Managing Director, Partner

    "My vision is to help others in every possible manner by utilizing my passions, my past work experiences in the healthcare field, and my education. At Mindful TMS Neurocare Center, I am committed, along with my staff to help patients achieve a full recovery from depression through TMS treatment and by nurturing and caring for their needs."

  • Teresa D. McKelvy, MBA

    Position: Chief Operating Officer

    “I have a passion to help people fulfill their dreams, and live a healthy and happy life. TMS is a small investment to put you on the road to a life that you have only dreamed of. We want to help patients out of their depressive state one treatment at a time. Here is a quote that I live by that ignites my fire for helping others: “Some live their lives for an award, but we live our lives to reward, we serve.” ― Bernard Kelvin Clive

  • Sameen Hosseini, BS

    Position: Business Development Manager

    “I am highly committed to making a difference in the lives that I touch, whether it is through my volunteer work, advocacy endeavors, or my career. I have always been passionate about helping others achieve their truest potential and live their lives to the fullest extent. I chose the mental health field, as it enables me to educate others, fight stigma, and provide novel treatments to help patients lead a happier, healthier life. I achieve these goals by offering the best version of myself, my knowledge, and my leadership skills to every aspect of my involvement.”

  • Dawn Usher, MS, PC

    Position: Practice Manager

    Affiliations: American Mental Health Counselors Association


    “I chose mental health as a career, because I spent my life working with adults and children.  I have worked as a clinical therapist to address issues of mental health. I believe in the power of self-care, and, to me, TMS is one of the best ways for a person struggling with mental illness to take care of themselves. I look forward to providing our clients professional and relational care from the first phone call to the clinic, through the clinical process, and follow up care. “

  • Marisa Franson, BS

    Position: TMS Therapist

    "I have always believed that the most noble journey in our lives is our pursuit of happiness. On my journey, I have realized that it brings me the utmost joy to help others pursue their own version of happiness. This has led to my career in mental health. I believe in fighting for a world where mental illness is destigmatized, and treatments are available to those who need a little extra help. TMS is a novel treatment that can improve lives, tremendously. I am committed and excited to provide the best care possible using my education, experience, and enthusiasm for helping others. I look forward to helping our clients in their unique pursuit of happiness!"