Meet The Team

  • Teresa D. McKelvy, MBA

    Position: Chief Operating Officer


    “I have a passion to help people fulfill their dreams, and live a healthy and happy life. TMS is a small investment to put you on the road to a life that you have only dreamed of. We want to help patients out of their depressive state one treatment at a time. Here is a quote that I live by that ignites my fire for helping others: “Some live their lives for an award, but we live our lives to reward, we serve.” ― Bernard Kelvin Clive

  • Sameen Hosseini, BS

    Position: Business Development Manager


    “I am highly committed to making a difference in the lives that I touch, whether it is through my volunteer work, advocacy endeavors, or my career. I have always been passionate about helping others achieve their truest potential and live their lives to the fullest extent. I chose the mental health field, as it enables me to educate others, fight stigma, and provide novel treatments to help patients lead a happier, healthier life. I achieve these goals by offering the best version of myself, my knowledge, and my leadership skills to every aspect of my involvement.”

  • Saima Sabah, MD

    Position: Psychiatrist, Medical Director


    “I am a board-certified Psychiatrist, practicing medicine for 20 years. I received my medical training at Loyola University, Chicago, and now truly enjoy evaluating and treating adolescent and adult patients. I treat a wide variety of conditions, including major depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, and ADD. Most importantly, I’m passionate about helping individuals lead happy, healthy lives through evidence-based practices and cutting-edge technology. Through Mindful TMS, I have the unique opportunity to treat patients, with TMS and Neuronavigation technologies, as well as give them a new chance at achieving symptom relief."

  • Erika Olson, MD

    Position: Psychiatrist


    “I am a board-certified psychiatrist and a native to the Chicago area. I received training at UIC College of Medicine for my MD, and Loyola University Medical Center for my psychiatry residency. It is a privilege to treat patients who teach me daily about perseverance, and inspire me to continue to grow in my practice. I am humbled by the honor of sharing in my patients’ joys and struggles on a daily basis. My goal is to be able to provide quality psychiatric care with respect and dignity.”

  • Marisa Franson, BS

    Position: TMS Therapist | Chicago Practice Manager


    "I have always believed that the most noble journey in our lives is our pursuit of happiness. On my journey, I have realized that it brings me the utmost joy to help others pursue their own version of happiness. This has led to my career in mental health. I believe in fighting for a world where mental illness is destigmatized, and treatments are available to those who need a little extra help. TMS is a novel treatment that can improve lives, tremendously. I am committed and excited to provide the best care possible using my education, experience, and enthusiasm for helping others. I look forward to helping our clients in their unique pursuit of happiness!"

  • Pamela Gehant-Smith, MS, LCPC

    Position: TMS Clinical Therapist


    “For the past 20 years, as a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC), I have had the pleasure of dedicating my professional career to those who are struggling with mental health issues. I am very excited to bring my broad range of clinical knowledge and experience to Mindful TMS Neurocare to help each patient make powerful and meaningful changes in their lives with TMS. My colleagues and I pride ourselves on providing the best care possible by educating and warmly welcoming each patient, their family members, loved ones, and friends.”

  • Abbie Holba, BS

    Position: TMS Therapist | Wheaton Practice Manager


    “I have always had a passion to help individuals achieve their goals and find happiness within themselves.  Working in the mental health field has provided me with the opportunity to support and positively impact the lives of others. Here at Mindful TMS, we are committed to working with our patients to meet them where they are in life, and to provide an optimal treatment which best suits their needs.”

  • Michele Stoehr, MA

    Position: TMS Therapist | Hinsdale Practice Manager


    “While awareness of mental health issues in the U.S. is gaining traction, there is still often misunderstanding about the extent to which these conditions impact one’s physical, cognitive, and interpersonal well-being. Determining how best to treat intractable mental health diagnoses can be stressful. At Mindful TMS, I can apply my passion for helping individuals on the road to psychological recovery using cutting-edge technology whose safety and efficacy are backed by clinical research. Moreover, I get to be part of a team that genuinely prides itself on clinical transparency and patient advocacy.”

  • Jordan Chenoweth, BA

    Position: TMS Therapist


    "To me, there is no greater feeling than peace of mind in any and all situations. I ventured into the mental health field to help heal and nurture those who feel they cannot achieve peace of mind due to their battle with mental health. I have always been passionate about being directly involved in the treatment of individuals fighting this battle, and Mindful TMS provides me with the knowledge and resources necessary to let people know that there is hope and a way to win."

  • Kaycee Davis, BS

    Position: TMS Therapist


    “I've always been motivated by the capacity one has to heal themselves and, in turn, help heal others. Healing doesn't mean having to go it alone. I'm strongly committed to increasing awareness of mental health issues, while providing appropriate resources and personalized treatment paradigms. With the advanced technology offered at Mindful TMS, mental wellness can be achieved with greater certainty. All it takes is the willingness to make that next “big step,” and I'll be here to assist you on your path towards healing. 'Anything that’s human is mentionable, and anything that is mentionable can be more manageable.' -Fred Rogers" 

  • Kerri Walker, BA

    Position: Medical Biller


    “I have dedicated my career to helping patients and their families to effectively navigate the healthcare system to ensure that they receive the best care possible. At Mindful TMS, I have the opportunity to assist our patients through the financial process in order to guarantee a seamless experience. I find my work at Mindful TMS deeply rewarding, as I am able to watch patients completely transform and finally achieve relief.”

  • Katie Kadlec, BS

    Position: Financial Manager


    “It has always been deeply important to me to strive to make a positive and impactful difference in the lives of others through my career. Mindful TMS Neurocare Centers has given me the opportunity to do just that! Each day, I am inspired and motivated by our core mission to improve the lives of others through TMS therapy and our unique Mindful Approach. I know that our patients truly feel a difference in the care and compassion we provide at Mindful TMS.”